Welcome to Expat in Mokum.  We work with companies large and small that require services to support product lines that span cultures and languages.  In particular, we provide NLU, NLP, multilingual corpus linguistics services and localization services for companies that produce or consume language technology.  Currently we are partnering to provide search and Q&A technologies to emerging and underserved markets.

We also provide services for North Americans and other internationals already living and working in Amsterdam, or for those who wish to live and work here.

We don’t just tell you who to call for help and we are not a coaching service.  We explain the process behind the transaction, provide insight into cultural differences that influence dynamics, and guide you to your ideal outcome. We understand from personal experience that North Americans living and working in Amsterdam have needs and expectations that are different from those of other expatriates who live and work there.  You can find out more here Services for Internationals

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